don’t do boring.

This is wedding photography for couples who

This is wedding photography for couples who                       

New jersey Wedding & Family Photographer

Meet Andrea

You can trust & fuckin believe I’ve got your back through this entire process.

Because we all know hiring a photographer isn’t just about photos. It’s about choosing someone who is in your corner.

Someone who brings jokes, helps calm you TF down, & is your emotional wing-woman throughout the day.

You’re going to spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor on your wedding day.

Make sure you pick someone who doesn’t suck.

A.K.A. the emotional support photographer

Hey   I'm Andrea.

don't do boring


- Samantha Obre

her skills are unparalleled.”

“She understood the vision
and was artistic and professional...

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You want a photographer who knows when to let the moment unfold & when to tell you what the fuck to do with your hands.

Let's be real...

We all want a candid shot, until we see it & realize we’re standing like an idiot and wish someone gave us a heads-up. My job is to give you direction when you need it & let you do your thing when you don’t.

By the end, you’ll have the best of both worlds to remember your wedding by. 

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trust &




Creating timelines that give me flexibility to get as creative as possible, while still giving you breathing room.



Walking you through all the steps — because this is likely your first time wedding planning.



No trends. Just true-to-color editing that you’ll still love looking at a decade from now.



- Gabriella Sweezy

happiest moments of my life.”

“Thank you for IMMORTALIZING one of the

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